Developer Tools For Delphi 7

Picture Zoning And Picture Transparency Overlay
Introducing JPTAcetates
(Source code Available With Full Version!)
A Picture speaks a thousand words! With this component you can set up an interactive layered image that supports up to eight transparent overlays. This control is ideal for setting up detectable zones over an existing  picture quickly and easily. Overlaid images can be set to visible / invisible by setting a single property. Canvas objects are fully exposed for custom drawing and animation. Special animation effects can be created due to the controls layered drawing capabilities. Ideal for defining complex regions within pictures. It includes a built in editor for editing image layers and defining layers.
Use the editor to set up zones pictured right. The control can store its settings as part of a Delphi form file or as an external file. There is a comprehensive help file covering all of the controls features. Never create dull and boring user interfaces again with this great interactive component. You can download, this component to try straight away with out parting with any of your hard earned money. Simply licence the component at the end of your development cycle prior to distribution.